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Taking Control Of The Service Industry

The Service Industry, is a world of its own. Everyone and anyone who has ever been part of it will most likely agree. If you have been part of it for at least two years, you might have muttered once or twice that your restaurant or bar should have its own show. I am sure we have all seen the movie Waiting and can relate to a few scenes. We have all witnessed the sexual harassment, bias managers, unsanitary ways of handling food, over serving that obnoxious guest, or flagging the obnoxious guest because we’re simply not interested in dealing with them. Today, we will touch on ways to be better. knowing what you are selling, being able to be in control of certain situations and how you can make more money.

The biggest misconception about serving and bartending is that its easy. Depending on the type of person you are, it may be easy and come natural, and for others may take a few more tables and a couple extra weeded Friday nights to catch on. Nonetheless, it takes a certain kind of person to deal with the varieties of personalities, in the front of the restaurants and as well as the back. But on the contrary, what we lack the most is control. So many of us lose our cool, our composure when were a little busy and that needs to change.

Taking control of the situation, being in charge of the things you are capable of doing. You may not be able to get that extra well done steak out to your table who’s in a rush in 10 minutes, but who the hell orders a well done steak and who expects it to be ready in 10 minutes. But you do have control of telling your guest that because it is well done it will take about 20, that alone deletes their thought of it being fast and that might make them change their mind on their order, allowing them to get back to their business, without being pissed off at you that you can’t perform miracles. It may be simple to you, but when you walk away asking yourself, does that guy seriously think that’s possible? The answer is yes, people are that unaware and unfortunately it is our responsibilities to inform them the obvious, such as no well done steak can be ready in 10 minutes.

Information is key. Knowing the menu, knowing ingredients in drinks and food, will not only make you a more competent server, but it should also increase your tips. Being able to help or guide your guest through their meal, giving a simple suggestion. Most importantly, be honest! If you think something on the menu is nasty, tell them, but also suggest something that you think is good. Being able to connect with people will not only make them remember you, but also they will appreciate the human in you and thank you for not being the robot with the overused spiel that even you are sick of saying.

Attitude is so important in this industry. We need to stop with the pre judgmental comments before we even greet a table. Give everyone a chance, then make an opinion. Regardless of your opinion, you still have to serve them so why not make the best of it. If they are assholes, as cliché as it may sound, kill them with kindness. Keep in mind that in about 45 minutes they will be gone and you’ll move on and so will they. Allowing guest to get under your skin will only hurt you and your money. So don’t do it. Keep in mind that other people are around and may be paying attention to you and how you react. At the end of the day you are there to make money, make connection and network.

Now to the good stuff, the reason why we all show up, even if we were the night before telling ourselves were only having one drink, that turned into 4 beers and 3 shots of Jameson. The money.  There is serious money to be made as long as you are willing to work for it. The Service Industry gives you the opportunity to have a flexible schedule, take days off, go on vacations, work all over the world, gives you experience on dealing with vast varieties of personalities and network with all types of people. Take advantage of every chance you receive. Meet as many people are you can, and build relationships with the guests you have. Have a positive attitude and have good work ethic.




In the service industry there is always so much to say and there is so much to read about. Everyone has their opinions, may it be right or wrong we all have them. We feel as though every opinion counts and you should have the freedom to express yours as you wish, as long as you respect the fact that everyone will not agree and that “that” is okay.

Here you will find our various opinions on different topics all related to the service industry. We don’t believe that this is a standard that is fixed due to the fact that times change, as do people. All opinions expressed through this blog are based on experiences we have personally faced and through them all we discuss the “ups and downs” of each experience. Just because it may not have been the perfect experience for us, doesn’t mean that yours will be the same or vice versa. If we had an amazing experience through a bar adventure, it doesn’t mean it will be the same for you. All blog posts here are for the “open-minded” person to read, review, and comment.

We hope you enjoy each unique story and feel free to share and spread the service industry love. Also, be sure to check out our service industry podcast here on our website, iTunes, Sound Cloud, STITCHER Radio, and any other podcast provider.

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Modifying Menu Lesson- Don’t Do It

So not too long ago I was in the mood for a burger and decided to retry a place that I didn’t particularly care for.  Here’s a bit of a back story of how I get to the current date of this awesome burger that I didn’t care too much for in the past.

Several years back I had done a search for the best burgers in Philadelphia and found a place that  was one to not miss.  I believe it was back in 2013 when I had read the article and decided to check it out.

I get there, check out the menu and notice that they put caramelized onions on top of their burger, and I’m just not the biggest fan of onions.  It’s a trait I’ve had since I was a kid.  So I change the burger a bit and order it medium.  I was with a friend when I went and he enjoyed what he had ordered, and for me? Well I didn’t think anything of this “amazing” burger.  I thought it pretty mediocre at the time and knew of other places that were better so I never really cared to go back.

Just recently when I had a burger craving, I was out riding my bike and thought “hey why not give that place another shot”.  So my partner and I rode over there and grabbed a seat at the bar.  It was Happy Hour and they had pretty cool deals, half off of draft beers and some other specials.  We grabbed a couple of craft beers and ordered their chicken sandwich (which was amazing) and of course their burger, medium with a side of tots!  Yum!  I love tots!  This time I made no changes to it, and from what I remembered, it was still the same burger from way back when.

This time around, OMG, it was banging!  Without a doubt, the changes I had made in the past actually ruined what could have been one of the best burger experiences ever.  This was an amazing lesson learned and the moral of this story is, DON’T MODIFY WHAT THE CHEF CREATES!  I know I won’t for my future ventures out.


The food experience was great and I would highly recommend either sandwich.  As for the service, well that’s a whole other story and trust me it’s not one to miss.  We decided to podcast about it on episode 16 and share our experience.  It was far from the best, pretty bad actually, but we took home some lessons from it and are here to share them with you!  Tune-in to episode 16 to hear all about it!

Have you ever had an experience like this before?  We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


We’re not trying to leave yelp reviews here, so I didn’t mention the name of the establishment we visited, but if you’re that interested, send us a message and I’ll tell ya!