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BarCode TSI is bringing the food/bar/restaurant service industry community together for open discussions on our experiences of triumph and error in the field, in our personal lives, and into our future of the betterment of the industry.  We are a quickly growing information hub for all industry and non-industry persons looking to gain insight from others all around the world, as well as offering a different perspective into our everyday lives.

If you’re in the service industry, have been in the service industry, looking to get into the industry, or just someone who goes out ALL the time to bars and restaurants, then you’re going to love our podcast and blogs.

Our topics cover a lot of the industry such as learning how to increase your tips, if your income is tip based.  Managers explain how to upsale correctly.  Owners discuss how to open or start a new business, how they got started.  Learn the benefits of becoming a “lifer”, or how working in the industry can be a great side gig.  The ability to network in the industry is HUGE and we talk all about it!

You’ll find on our podcast interviews with all types of people from around the globe.  They expose their stories of their best to worst times in the industry and how they’ve overcome obstacles in their careers.  Through their stories and experiences, you can learn how to skip past the mistakes they’ve made and move up faster, make better tips, move into management, and even start up your own business.

We have an accumulation of over 20+ years in the industry, in multiple positions (bartending, serving, managing, training, hosting, cooking, DJ, event coordinating, tournament hosting, and more), multiple venues and venue types (bars, restaurants, nightclubs, weddings, catering companies, fund-raisers, pool halls, special events) and in multiple states and major cities across the USA.

Our passion comes from within our experiences and our network of amazing people throughout this community.  We strongly believe that this type of information should be easy to get, come from reliable resources, and be for the betterment of the industry and everyone involved.  And yes that means customers too 🙂

On episode one and five you will learn more about our bios into the industry.

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